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Die Cheerleader Die - Down with Pompoms, Up the Skirts (2003)

die cheerleader die down with pom poms upt the skirts 2003Die Cheerleader Die - Arnold, EUA
punk rock

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- Down with Pom Poms, Up the Skirts (2003)
1. Just another notch on the belt
2. Hug me, kiss me, rape me
3. Mrs. Ego
4. Angels in America
5. I wanna be a slut tonight
6. Choose another day to die
7. My bloody valentine
8. Crotch
9. Killing me to love
10. Sexual faux-pas
11. Lesbian action
12. Teenage genocide
13. You look good from behind
14. We would be prima donnas but we don't have the balls

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