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Gay for Johnny Depp - Manthology (2010)

Gay for Johnny Depp Manthology 2010Gay for Johnny Depp - Brooklyn, NY, EUA
chaotic hardcore / queer
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- Manthology: A Tireless Exercise in Narcissism Featuring Gay for Johnny Depp's Excelent Cadavers (2010)
1. Cumpassion
2. You have a theory, I have a gun
3. Belief in God is so adorable
4. Lights out!
5. Noise
6. Juicy's last $ (Point the finger)
7. Happens
8. Very little good happens between 3 and 4 AM
9. Delirium approaches (Slut dust)
10. To the alcoholics: Life is depressing
11. Here
12. I hate our freedom (Fuck you Gladys, I'm on vacation)
13. Hey sailor!
14. No teeth, thumbs up
15. Sex in your mouth
16. Nothing worse than a whining boy
17. Shh, put the shiv to my throat
18. Fuckin' isn't cheating
19. Serious Ted, just admit it
20. Condo shots (Bad day to be a templar)
21. Hey fucked up! (Punk rock can't exist in countries with good social services)
22. We bleed America (Dad get the cuffs)
23. No one knows anyone, not really
24. Kill the cool kids
25. Lights out!
26. She said "I like this one"
27. At least be a target
28. He loved it, he went mad
29. Gay for Johnny Depp inhale Blacksmoke
30. Godspeed you black Mogwai
31. Happy go loopy

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