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Neil Perry - Lineage Situation (2003)

Neil Perry - New Jersey, EUA

- Lineage Situation (2003)
1. Nine minutes of non-fiction
2. Kicked
3. Seeping through the cracks
4. What is in the making
5. Looking back in the way you want to be in the future
6. Fading away like the rest of them
7. Sorry for the misunderstading, Mr. Watts
8. Millions lost at the Penny Arcade
9. I wanna talk to Samson
10. Yes, officer, my name is Mr. Hermitiowitch
11. Shit blows up... it's so good
12. Becoming what you hate
13. Another trip to Baltimore
14. Igor, my girlfriend dumped me... let's write sad songs
15. So Tom Cruise turns to me and says
16. Breathing with one bad lung
17. There's a fine line between thriftstore and whitetrash
18. A friend is a lesson to be learned
19. September 15th, city lights, and the clouds that suck them dry
20. I bought this southern rap compilation and all I got was this hi-hat
21. Josh's dream party: beer, girls, and a computer
22. Memoirs of an illiterate penpal
23. There will come soft rains
24. You can't fight Jose Cuervo and win
25. Don't even try to start a Honda Accord if it's in drive
26. Bluebook bedtime story
27. Trips to Baltimore
28. Friends that fuck
29. Luc fucked the prom queen
30. When my favorite sports team loses, it makes me want to hit my girlfriend
31. If this is a show about God, I'm going to kill u, Mauro
32. Last sip is 90% spit
33. Short-haired metal
34. Oh shit!
35. Catalyst
36. Meira
37. Elvis wears Nikes
38. Fuck you
39.  There was a definitely a point when the victim...
40. I'm sad for you

- CD duplo contendo toda a discografia (1998 - 2002) da banda, lançado pela Level-Plane Records.

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