quarta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2015

Sun Hotel - Coast / Fight Off Your demos (2015)

Sun Hotel - New Orleans, EUA
indie | folk

Coast was recorded by Devin Hildebrand and Ross Farbe at Vital Sounds in New Orleans, LA in the spring of 2010, and originally released five years ago to the day by 

Fight Off Your Demos is an alternate-universe version of Sun Hotel’s second LP, Rational Expectations. This collection of tracks was recorded throughout 2013 at home by Tyler Scurlock. 

Original Coast artwork by Alex Hertz. Layout by Aaris King. 

Coast / Fight Off Your demos (2015)
1. Palms
2. Oikos
3. Suburb
4. Egyptian Cotton
5. Loose Woman
6. Rediscovery
7. Seasonality
8. You (Shake)
9. Voodoo You
10. Book God
11. After-Death
12. Grave
13. Bouquet
14. Strand
15. Tropic of Cancer (Made Me Drop Out of College and Start Working at This Bookstore)
16. Je Se Bein, Mais Quand Meme
17. She's Gonna Take a Picture Too
18. Born Again
19. Without Feathers
20. Alprazolam
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