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Youth of Togay - Tossed Salad Days (LP 2008)

Youth of Togay - Boston, EUA
queer punk

- Tossed Salad Day (2008)
1. Cum fiesta
2. The goop (Champion version)
3. Pig pile
4. Dude of your dreams
5. Bust it! (Righteous Jams version)
6. Adam and Steve
7. Yo! Our edge is gay!
8. Banned in Tennessee (Bad Brains version)
9. Never going back
10. And you know dicks (Mental version)
11. Lust laugh (Slapshot version)
12. Gay x edge revenge (Project X version)
13. Get gay (Get Real version)
14. Tough gays
15. (Gay pride is) Forever (TYF version)
16. The gaychinist (Have Heart parody)

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